Educe Salon, Orlando FL


Bobs and Balayage in Orlando!

Phillip Rosado and Kat Chase teaching a class at their home salon in Orlando Florida, Educe Salon!
Phillip and Kat taught an advanced education class on Balayage and Bobs. This was an advanced class on all different types of bobs and how to achieve your desired look. Lob’s (a long bob) is hotter than ever, in this snippet of video Phillip is showing how to eliminate weight in a timely manner while maintaining length to the hair. He went over everything from classic bobs to undercut bobs for an edgier look. Kat was showing her famous techniques on Balayage and how to achieve a solid stroke and proper tension of the hair. We had such an amazing time and learned so much. Thank Kat and Phillip you guys rock!
Educe is home to the best stylist in Orlando, and are eager to show you their skills!