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Educe Salon, Orlando FL


Tape in extension after care

Educe Salon offers hair Extension’s as an added service for thicker, fuller, longer, and voluminous hair!

Educe Salon offers Virgin European hair, as it is the best quality available. Virgin European Remi hair has never been colored or processed in any way making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. It can be colored, highlighted and completely customized to exactly match customer’s hair.


Virgin European Remi hair has never been colored or processed in any way making it the healthiest hair available for hair additions. It can be colored, highlighted and completely customized to exactly match customer’s hair.

Remi hair means that the hair’s natural protective cuticle is intact for long-lasting luster. Since most Remi hair is from China and India, it must be bleached to match the Caucasian hair.

Synthetic hair is the most affordable but is the least realistic looking and cannot be heat styled or colored.

Hair extensions are for clients who want to add length, add volume, fix the look of damaged hair and want non-permanent methods.

Below are key points to the Brands used at Educe:

100% Virgin European Hair.

  • Stays soft after wash.
  • Can be colored, body waved and customized to match client’s hair.
  •  30 – 1 hour to complete a full head
  • 10 minutes for volumizing
  • Surgical adhesive that will stay for at least three months or until removed with organic remover
  • Comes out clean and gentle

There are many different application techniques offered on the market. Educe Salon offers Tape in extensions to our guests. Below is a Q & A to help answer some quick questions and clarify if tape in extensions are right for you.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
You should arrive with very clean, dry hair with absolutely NO product including oils, stylers, conditioners, etc. This is essential to make sure the extensions will last as long as possible.

How long do they take to put in?
The application time is as little as 1 1/2 – 3 hours depending on the thickness of your hair and desired look.

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on many factors including, length, quantity. Tape in Extensions at Educe typically range from $250-$1100 for a full head of new locks. There are many factors that can impact the overall cost. This will be discussed fully during your consultation prior to the ordering of your hair, As your hair will be custom-ordered for you. You will be charged for the hair when it is ordered, and agreed upon by you and your stylist. When this process is complete, it is nonrefundable as they are customized to suit your individual hair needs. The remanding total for the service is due when the extensions are put in.


It is crucial that you make the most of your extensions by taking good care of them and using the correct products.

Hair extensions are a great way to change your look, but they do require some maintenance and care. Once you have had your extensions fitted your stylist will guide you through how best to look after your new hair. Hair extensions often cost a lot of money, so it is in your interest to look after them properly.

Can I treat my hair the same as before?
Not exactly.

After your tape in hair extensions are applied, be sure to wait 48 hours before washing your hair. The adhesive will have been given adequate time to adhere to your natural hair, making them last longer and hold tighter. When you need to shower in those first two days, use a shower cap.

  • The correct brushes, cleansing, conditioning, and styling products will be recommended. It is very important to follow the recommendations made by your stylist.When washing your hair, do not tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling – always wash with your head upright – in the shower is ideal. Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair – do not rub vigorously! Only condition from the mid-lengths to the end of the hair. Do not apply any conditioner to the roots as this could cause slippage.Be very careful when brushing the hair when wet, make sure you support the extensions to not pull them from the root area with the brush.
  • Brushing 3-4 times per day, on dry hair will prevent tangling.
  • A heat protectant must be used before flat ironing or blow drying your hair.The more heat you use on the hair extension, the shorter the lifespan of the hair, treat your extensions with the same respect as you would with your own natural hair, superior aftercare and regular maintenance will keep your hair feeling and looking great for longer.
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair
  • Always sleep with a low ponytail or braid to prevent tangling.
  • Using a silk pillow to prevent snags during sleep and help prevent tangles at the root where the extensions are installed.

Can I swim in a pool and go to the beach?
Yes. Just as your own hair can, however, be affected by chlorine and salt water, it is best to use extra precautions to prevent tangling, dryness, and damage. Use a protective product with added UV protection to prevent damage from salt, chlorine, and other chemicals that may damage your extensions. That it is essential to use the proper hair care products and methods to keep your hair clean and healthy cannot be stressed enough. Your stylist will discuss this during your consultation.

Can I have my hair colored with extensions?
Yes, a professional colorist will have no problem maintaining your hair color. If you decide you want a color change, you will most likely have to replace your extensions as it will be almost impossible to get them to match the new color of your natural hair.

Is it normal for some of my extensions to come out on their own?
It is inevitable that, over time, some of your extensions will loosen and/or come out. With the right aftercare and regular maintenance, your extensions will last longer.

What is the maintenance and how long will my tape in extensions last?

You will need to maintain your Tape extensions as described above to get the best results and any other maintenance your stylist has recommended. They will last 2 – 3 months depending on how fast your hair grows, and again how well you maintain them. There is an additional fee to take the extensions out and re-tape them. You can typically reuse the hair 1-3 times before needing to reorder new, fresh hair.

Some additional care may be required to get the most out of your extensions. This will be explained during your initial consultation. Improper care may result in the loss of some of your extensions and will require you to make more frequent visits to the salon for maintenance. With improper care, the costs associated with in-salon maintenance of your extensions will increase as the stylist will have to allow more time for your visit.

Schedule your consultation today, and we can order your hair and get you on your way to the hair of your dreams!