ashita supreme shampoo

Revitalizing shampoo for dull and damaged hair.

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Product Description

This revitalizing shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair. The lightweight formula removes impurities and excess product build up and gives hair an added softness and shine.


  • 95% less breakage*
  • 70% smoother**
  • 2x more shine***
  • Gently cleanses hair
  • Removes impurities and product build up
  • Prevents breakage
  • Smoothes
  • Delivers shine to dull hair

*system of shampoo & conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo.
**system of shampoo, treatment & serum vs. non-conditioning shampoo.
***system of shampoo vs. unwashed hair.


Sourced from the volcanic island of hachijo-jima, ashitaba is an ancestral Japanese plant with extraordinary self-regenerating virtues. When ashitaba's stem is sliced, it oozes a precious golden sap and a day later, a new leaf appears. Our tokyo laboratories have infused the entire ashita supreme collection with this precious ingredient.

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This multi-dimensional fragrance is inspired by the home of the ashitaba, the sub-tropical forests of hachijo-jima. Scents that embody the rich, volcanic soil and island sea spray are layered with notes of star anise, jasmine flower, and patchouli to create a warm and citrusy aroma.

Additional Information

Weight 10 oz