Essence Absolue Universal Hair Balm

for dry hair and skin

$46.00 USD

Product Description

A moisturizing, protective and lightweight hair balm cream for intense nourishment. The balm combines hydrating lipidic agents with a detangling agent and a surface renovator to answer the nutrition needs of both skin and hair. Infused with camellia oil, the balm hydrates, softens and protects hair and skin. Non-sticky, lightweight, and soft to the touch, the balm offers quick and effective fix-ups.

  • apply on dry hair for a shiny and tamable result.
  • apply on eyebrows for treatment and dry parts of the body such as hands, nails, cuticles, and elbows for immediate comfort. Can also be used on facial hair.
  • can be reapplied if necessary during the day.

Camellia seed oil

For over two centuries, camellia flower seeds have been harvested from the Japanese island of Toshima, where each seed is handpicked and transformed into a nourishing oil. Traditionally, camellia oil has been used to promote shine and nourish the hair while maintaining the lipid barrier on the skin longer, which promotes skin health and hydration.

Additional Information

Weight 5 oz