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Educe Salon Academy | Orlando Florida
This is not a cutting or trend class, This is a deep dive into your everyday life as a stylist and the physiology between the hairdresser and client relationship.
  • Do you ever feel as if your client’s negative energy impacts your day?
  •  Does the energy of your co-workers affect your day?
  • Do you reset yourself after every client?
  • Are you leaving your personal life “at the door” to better serve your clients, your business, and your salon companies?
  • Are you absorbing this energy and taking this home, or vice versa bringing any type (good or bad) of energy into your work environment?

Location: Educe Academy (Educe Salon)
Dates: June  24th, August 5th
Time: 10am-1pm
Price: $200.00

Attending the “Hairdresser reset” will leave you clarified and give you balance in what we are truly doing for a living, it goes way beyond doing Hair. You will learn to discover and take the positive impacts of each client and what to do with that within your business. You will gain clarity on how to leave the clients story in the chair and reset for the next client in a matter of seconds!

Learn the power of what we do for a living, THE POWER OF THE HAIRDRESSER!

You will create your own personal mantra which will inevitably lead to professionalism, in turn, bringing more income every single day!

We hope to see you soon!

Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to having you at Educe!

level loyalty rewards

In order to attend the Educe Academy, using your LEVEL Loyalty Rewards points, you will need to go through a few steps in order to complete the process.

  • FIRST, PLEASE reach out to us to confirm the date you would like is still available. Academy@EduceSalon.com
  • Next, log into your LEVEL account at https://www.levelloyaltyrewards.com
  • Scroll down to “see classes and events” and click bar
  • Search for “Educe Academy”
  • Click number of attendees and. whom will attend.
  • Full points (Hairdresser Reset: 13,340)
  • Click “Redeem”
  • You will receive a “LEVEL code” starting with LVL… confirming the transaction
  • Please email Academy@EduceSalon.com asap, providing your “LEVEL code”; as you will need this in order to lock in your attendance

While the course is designed for all skill levels (apprentice, intermediate, advanced), you must be a licensed cosmetologist to participate.

All confirmed reservations are final. No refunds issued.

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