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Full or Partial Highlights

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Best Full or Partial Highlights In Orlando


The precise application of highlights—which is the isolating and selecting strands of hair and treating them with a color, lightener, or toner—can become the basis for a brand new look without a single snip or shear. Below is a break down of full highlights vs. Partial highlights to help you understand what exactly that means.

Full highlights are applied evenly throughout the entire head, to create anything from natural looks that mimics the way hair changes color over time in the sun to bold, heavy placement creating a less natural look or more “chunky” highlight. Full highlights can be very heavy in nature, allowing for a natural brunette to become blond, or they can be designed to only slightly lighten all of your hair. There is a time and a place for each method whether you want natural or something more fashion forward. We always encourage pictures in your consultation to ensure you and your stylist are on the same page as it helps you articulate what look exactly it is you’re going for.

Partial highlights, which are typically less expensive (not always) and take less time to apply. They serve an altogether different purpose: drawing attention to specific features, such as fringe (bangs), placement around the face only, or highlighting or contouring a particular area on the head shape.

Both full and partial highlights traditionally rely on foil for their application; however, your stylist at Educe Salon can do a full or partial in any technique or method. (Balayage, foilayage, etc… There will be a price difference due to the artistry, skill and time consumption of each method).