her•it•age /ˈheritij/

Noun: Your reputation and history; your “back story” of how you came to be

Learn About Orlando’s Top Hair Salon

Educe Salon is a product of our owner’s experience and love for our industry as a whole. Phillip and Alicia saw that Salons in Orlando lacked in not only education but mentoring and developing stylists. They decided to created Educe, and elevate the Orlando Market. Phillip has created many of Orlando’s Top salons including Alta Moda, Ego Lab, and Glam Dry. He has now created, what he calls his masterpiece, Educe Salon! With over 25 years experience alone in salon ownership, management, leadership, and educating all over the World, he is certainly elevating our industry.

Educe brings constant education to our artist on the floor, as we know that is the forefront of everyone’s success. We train all new talent at Educe with our in-house Color Director and Cutting Director to ensure the highest quality of our brand. Educe Salon combines the best of both worlds, Art and Beauty. Husband and wife team, Phillip and Alicia Rosado bring you over 45 years of experience in fashion, photography, and the art of hair styling!

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